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Do you need to improve the performance of your Information Systems?

We provide personalized services and support to build sustainable profitable growth. We achieve this by bringing your Internal System to the level of performance required to support your growth, your competitiveness, your profit. We provide independent advice on software solutions selection, technical architecture design and full cycle Support.


About Us

We are committed to creating value out of technology and data.

Technology for All

We believe that technology should help everbody achieve their professional and personal goals. We are committed to explaining, guiding and helping you navigate the every changing technology landscape.

We apply the same philosophy to data. We believe in openness and transparency in collecting, processing and managing data.


Our Mission

We consider our mission to modernize corporate information systems to create and maintain a competitive advantage.

Making your I.T. an asset and creating value is the sign of a true digital leader.


Our Vision

Technology and data can only play a bigger and bigger part in the corporate world of tomorrow.

It is critical to make sound investment in technology that creates value. This is the only way to stay competitive in a fast changing market.


Our Core Values

Results Matter
It is not enough to try, spend the time or find excuses. Only results matter.

Unique Solution
We tailor knowledge and technology for each client's needs.

We Don’t Hide
We tell it like it is. We don't hide behind jargon, circumstances or each others.

Team Work
We build together with our clients.


Management Team

United team to deliver the best.

team people

Stephane Monsallier


Founded System in Motion in 2004, after 10 years of experience in Financial I.T. He provides vision, direction, and occasionnally shakes things up.

team people

Jackie Fong

Account Manager

Joined System in Motion in 2017. After taking care of marketing, she helps our clients leverage technology to engage their clients.

team people


Account Manager

Joined System in Motion in 2008, he grew from the ranks from developer, to Tech Lead, to account manager, building very strong technology foundations.

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Guillaume Mallet

Account Manager

Joined System in Motion in 2007. He built a solid ERP practice and helped many clients realize their business vision through technology.

Let's start and accelerate your digitalization

One project at a time, we can start your digitalization today, by building the foundation of your future strength.

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