AI Accelerator First Batch Surpasses Expectations!

AI Accelerator First Batch Surpasses Expectations!

AI Accelerator First Batch Surpasses Expectations!

Our AI Accelerator is a launchpad for AI Transformation. We streamline all crucial activities into a single, focused month, providing the push companies need to prioritize and achieve significant results in their AI journey. Our first batch of participants, who had been considering AI Transformation for months, experienced firsthand how the Accelerator can turn contemplation into action and results in just one month.

Batch 1 participants

  • Hubble provides solutions to help brands and logistics providers to digitize their logistics operations.
  • Skillzone is a premier global Technology Consulting service provider with operations in Asia (China and India), in Europe and US.
  • GreenHealth is a leading manufacturer of herb medicines, botanic extracts, bulk medical components, and nutritional supplements.

Each participant had unique expectations for the acceleration process. The System in Motion team established a swift, effective process that was easy for each team to follow, enabling them to achieve their individual goals. Simultaneously, they could learn from the experiences of other companies, creating a mutually beneficial environment.

Program Schedule

The first week was dedicated to the setup of the infrastructure. It is critical for each participant to have a secured, controlled, and efficient deployment of their AI models.

By the second week, all champions were trained and had defined the use case they wanted to implement.

During the third week, the champions tested the first version of the prototype, reviewed the initial results, made comments, and further defined their goals.

By the end of the fourth week, each participant had a working prototype, a reflection of their key learnings, and were ready to present to the partner, investors, or management.

Participant Expectations

The program objectives were well aligned with the participants’ expectations. The key external reasons to join the AI Accelerator, as listed by participants were:

  • Integrating AI for competitive advantage.
  • Keeping pace with market trends and technology.
  • Enhancing data security and internal processes.

One company declared having failed at an AI project a few months back, with similar requirements, but in a less integrated working relationship. Working closely with System in Motion made a huge difference with the “outsource somewhere to expert” previous strategy. As Eric Jacoel from Skillzone reflects:

One of the most valuable parts was the exchange with the team.

One company had set-up a very large scope, to connect with as much company knowledge as possible. Although it is part of the deliverable, they had to refine their requirements along the way, and eliminate some of the use cases, to get to the most valuable one.


Bruno Alix from Comett made the following comment on the AI Accelerator:

I realized, through the Accelerator, that there are very few technology barriers to integrate generative AI in applications. The only limitation is to find the right use cases.

Another topic that was a surprise to all participants is the quality and accuracy of results one company can drive without training its own model. The use of knowledge management techniques, connection to databases, and crafting of powerful prompts can deliver enough value for many use cases.

Bruno Alix reported:

I was surprised that we could let our application and GPT can communicate seamlessly, and that we don’t need to train our own model.

The participants of our first AI Accelerator batch made interesting discoveries during the program. These learning are part of the great value of starting an AI program with professionals.

Key Outcomes and Achievements

Each company participating in the AI Accelerator achieved a different goal, based on their initial objectives, discovery during the program and leveraging of technology:

  • Successful integration of AI in an existing enterprise solution
  • Complete autonomy in the management of the company AI
  • Development of new AI-driven tools for internal data querying and idea generation

During the program, GreenHealth realized that they had to put some effort in digitalization and data governance. They discovered that the value delivered by AI will be limited by the quality and accessibility of their data. This started an internal discussion on further digitalization project, with the ultimate goal of leveraging AI.

Eric Jacoel from Skillzone explained that the following Tuesday after the program ended:

The full team is now using our corporate AI deployment instead of a public GPT model.

This is a key benefit of the AI Accelerator. Before participating, most companies relied on external AI tools like Kimi or personal GPTs, which operate outside of their organization. The Accelerator changes this by enabling companies to integrate AI directly within their own infrastructure, significantly enhancing their team’s capabilities.

Future Plans and Continued AI Journey

All participants acknowledge that the Accelerator was only the beginning. They all will build up on the initial results to continue in their AI Journey. System in Motion is very proud of this achievement, in an industry that has a traditionally very low level of conversion from proof of concept to production . This is what makes the AI Accelerator a game changer in the AI consulting industry.

Outline each company’s next steps following the program

  • Deployment of the AI feature in production and user feedback to contribute to the roadmap
  • Continuous investment in critical processes and AI utilization, to further increase competitivity
  • Implementation of AI tools across departments and further development of information system

Recommendation to Future Participants

Participants of the first batch made the following recommendation to future participants of the program to maximize their participation:

  • You need a clear idea of how you want to leverage the technology.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of the AI training, it is a wonderful idea generator.
  • You need to give as many details on your ideal solution. Be as precise as possible in your needs.
  • Prepare your objectives in advance.

All participants highlight the preparation phase to be critical to the success of the Accelerator. Although there are workshops dedicated to the refinement of the target use case, companies with a clear idea initially will save time and achieve more.


The first batch of the AI Accelerator exceeded the expectation of System in Motion and all participants. We are very proud to have helped these three companies, and hope to help many more in the future. We will improve the program continuously, based on the participants feedback, continue to invest in technology, methodology, and use cases, to deliver more and more values to participants.

The AI Transformation the first participatns experienced happen at several level:

  • Better understanding of the technology.
  • Remove the barrier to access to the technology.
  • Generation of new ideas for future roadmap.
  • Autonomy in futher AI developments (for companies with IT capabilities).

Don’t miss out on our next free webinar on July 25th , where you can dive deeper into the AI Accelerator program details and witness a live demonstration from Bruno Alix of Comett of the features his team developed during the Accelerator.

Next Free Webinar July 25th

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