From Beijing to Barcelona

From Beijing to Barcelona

From Beijing to Barcelona

The capability of understanding clients’ business needs is the essence of a successful IT project. But the power of looking beyond the needs to see the vision, is undoubtedly the secret weapon to a successful strategic business initiative.

From Project to Vision

  • “What’s your product?”
  • “Here’s our RFP, can you answer by end of this week?”
  • “We are trying to find a quick solution to this specific problem.”
  • “Send me the introduction of your previous projects first?”
  • “Show me what you can provide first?”

Inquiries/requests like the above are no news to us. Often-times we receive requests from clients who are typically looking for solutions to remove a specific problem, which is of course a very legit motivation, especially when their KPIs are neatly tied to the success of each of those problem-solving initiatives.

But when TimeVallée first came to System in Motion for our help with launching their CRM and mobile sales support project, however, the situation was slightly different.

Just like any corporate procedure is designed, we answered TimeVallée’s RFP and submitted our proposal based on their requirement descriptions. What differentiated our collaboration from other vendor-client relationships, was that we were able to picture a clear long-term goal and vision for TimeVallée. They came with a vision of how their business as a luxury retail concept would grow and expand in the China market. They also came with the ambition to free themselves from the traditional mindset of vendor selection – instead of judging them by how many tangible products these vendors have previously launched with other clients in the industry, they judged the vendors’ strength of envisioning the bigger picture while entertaining the immediate business needs through delivering quality projects on time.

And that’s exactly where System in Motion’s strength is.

From Vision to Project

We asked deeper questions far beyond “What do you want to build?”. We dug deeper into the “Whys”.

By understanding TimeVallée’s unique business model and vision, we designed a top-down strategy and IT structure to ensure their future success even if one day System in Motion is no longer collaborating with TimeVallée – A foundation that would support agile scaling up and flexibility based on requests that could vary by region, organization, policy, demographic landscape, business model, operation process etc. It’s a foundation that TimeVallée owns and has full access to. And in order to entertain the possibility of plugging in multiple sources of data channels, we helped them build a centralized platform to manage the API accesses, minimizing the otherwise redundant vendor/project management and technical development costs and efforts, ensuring lean data flows and strong security support.

An ESB supports message routing, message transformations, and other types of messaging use cases. If your organization uses an API-driven, centralized, integration architecture, the Micro Integrator can be used as the central integration layer that implements the message mediation logic connecting all the systems, data, events, APIs, etc. in your integration ecosystem.

Enterprise Service Bus general architecture TimeVallee integration strategy

With a solid foundation of architecture design, System in Motion delivered the CRM and Clientelling project within the timeframe required for their store opening in Beijing back in 2018. And the services we provide to help them reach their goals never ended there.

From Beijing to Barcelona

Today, we have successfully helped TimeVallée launched the second phase of their project, enriching their database by integrating with other data sources and channels. We supported their roll-out to boutiques in Xi’an and Barcelona, and will continue working with TimeVallée side by side as their strong partner in their endeavor to greater success.

We are Here to Help

At System in Motion, we are committed to building long-term solutions and solid foundations for your Information System. We can help you optimize your Information System, generating value for your business. Contact us for any inquiry.

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