Tech Has No Gender | SiM @ LWT


Tech Has No Gender | SiM @ LWT

Tech Has No Gender

Sometimes we need to state the obvious. Tech has no gender, no race, no religion. At System in Motion we believe that technology should benefit the greatest majority. We want everybody to benefit from using technology and make a living passionately creating with technology. So we had no hesitation when we decided to sponsor Ladies Who Tech , for their 2020 convention.

Amazing Crowd

System in Motion’s management team spent the day interacting with the amazing ladies and supportive allies who joined the event. All the stories the visitors shared with us were inspiring; why they wanted to learn technology, what they wanted to build with technology, and how they wanted to make the world a better place with technology.

Great Organization

All our thanks go to the organizers, particularly to Charlene & Jill . They remind us in the most effective way possible that we need to break the stereotype and welcome more women in STEM. All companies in the Tech industry will definitely benefit from gender diversity and make the world a better place.

See you next year!

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