Lesaffre China seizes opportunity to boost Sales


Lesaffre China seizes opportunity to boost Sales

COVID-19 is expected to have a long lasting impact on healthcare, transports, trade. No sector will remain untouched. Corporate can’t avoid change. To grab opportunities during the pandemic and its aftermath, agility is critical.

Speed and connectivity

In a competitive distribution business, the difference between a successful deal and a missed one is very often the speed at which a customer can place an order and get a confirmed booking. If you can’t reply to your customers within minutes, maybe your competitor will.

The best Sales teams are on the field, growing the business, promoting the product and closing the deals. And it has become clear that making sure they have the right tool will help them achieve even higher efficiency.

This opportunity to achieve excellence has become more of an evidence while fighting the spread of CoVid-19, where many Salespersons has found themselves locked at home with only a mobile phone. Power at your fingertip

Vision and objectives

Seizing this opportunity to comfort their position and close this “last mile” in customer-facing reactivity, Lesaffre, the global key player in baking and yeast solutions, asked System in Motion to equip their Sales Teams on the field with a simple, intuitive, and reliable mobile order management solution, fully integrated with their core Information System.

Having a mobile strategy for internal use and in support of our customers is a must have in a digital transformation. Traditionally IT organization treat mobility as at best a separate silo or channel. Having a holistic approach to mobility enables more than just mobile work or engagement. It can be the vehicle for removing troublesome siloes in security, management, operations and engagement. It’s an opportunity to take more digital native approaches in our technology portfolio. To sum up the game is pretty simple: we empower our people by setting up a lead generating goldmine at our fingertips.

Mehdi BEDADI - CIO Lesaffre China

Long term relationship

We have been helping Lesaffre modernizing their Information Systems , through transformation and integration for more than 6 years.

We are very proud that they chose us again to handle this new digitalization challenge. We are looking forward to bring Lesaffre’s sales operations to the next level within the coming weeks, and continue to improve their sales and operations efficiency in the coming years.

Lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis

In times of crisis, it is tempting to close down and cut down on expenses. On the contrary, this may be the best time to invest, as most analysts predict a fast and high rebound of the Chinese economy.

The COVID-19 highlighted parts of companies' Information Systems that are not agile enough to support a crisis of this magnitude. It is time to modernize your Information System.

We are here to help

At System in Motion, we are committed to building long-term solutions and strong foundations for your Information System. We can help you optimize your Information System's optimization, generating value for your business. Contact us for any inquiry.

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