Sesame Asie Podcast Interview (French)

Sesame Asie Podcast Interview (French)

Sesame Asie Podcast Interview (French)

Our CEO, Stephane Monsallier was interviewed for the podcast Sesame Asie by Raphael Seghier . The interview is in French.

With 17 years of experience in China, our CEO reflects on the many changes in all the Chinese society’s layers. From his first visit to Shanghai in 1998, the time he settled down in Shanghai in 2003, to today, he lived through one of the most significant business and societal transformations in recent history.

Looking back into recent history gives the keys to understand China in 2021. The challenges that many companies are facing in that tough but rewarding market. As the digital eco-system continues to evolve and does not seem to want to slow down, it is critical to keep these elements in mind, designing a strategy for China, executing this strategy, and adjusting to the many shifts happening in this very volatile market.

Our CEO shares a lot of his personal experience, starting and building a business in China. Under his guidance and leadership, how System in Motion has grown to deliver services to multinational companies looking for high-quality services in China?

Listen to this episode of the Sesame Asie Podcast for a comprehensive view of China’s last twenty years and how it will shape the near future.

The key takeaways are:

  • How much has China changed in the last 20 years?
  • How the Chinese digital eco-system influences the habits of consumers?
  • What is specific to the Chinese digital eco-system?
  • Which type of brands can resist the giant eCommerce platforms?
  • Why innovation can be accelerated in China?
  • Why should companies take control of their data? How?
  • The importance of company culture in China for talent retention. How System in Motion did it? What are the results?


The full interview in French is available here:

Sesame Asie Interview

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