WeChat Work - Bring internal tools to the next level

WeChat Work - Bring internal tools to the next level

WeChat Work - Bring internal tools to the next level

WeChat Work is an Enterprise messaging application developed by Tencent based on its successful older brother WeChat. It provides companies a way to organize and control internal instant messaging communication as well as the promise for employees of setting a boundary between work and personal communication.

As mentioned in a previous article , WeChat Work provides a set of tools out of the box to help companies digitalize common processes such as leave or expenses management. It also provides tools and APIs to integrate internal systems efficiently.

The Race to Digital Transformation

We have recently experienced an acceleration of digital transformation within large companies with the realization that employees need to be more agile and more efficient. The most pressing need being for them to be able to work from anywhere and access their working tools easily. A common requirement is to deploy mobile endpoints to access or interact with existing enterprise solutions such as an ERP or a CRM.

But too often, the chosen solution ends up being either complex, such as the development of multi-platform mobile application; or shaky, such as a loosely secured and publicly accessible mobile portal. It is without saying that such solutions often come with low ROI and increased security risks.

Leveraging WeChat Work

This is where WeChat Work comes into play. It allows companies to expose internal application functionalities through mobile web application or WeChat MiniProgram that will be accessible only within WeChat Work and only by registered Company employees. This is one of the most efficient, secure and easy to maintain solution to deliver mobile endpoints.

WeChat Work provides the same level of convenience and development ecosystem as WeChat with its Javascript API, Notifications, Single Sign On, but also the ability to easily control user access.

Keeping security standards high while lowering complexity enables delivering digital transformation faster and at a higher ROI.

Some use cases where WeChat Work is a perfect fit are for example to provide portal for mobile Sales staff to conveniently input and manage orders, or to build tools for Maintenance Engineers to exchange information efficiently while on the go.

Business Value & Architecture

But no matter how easy delivering features is, it still takes the right approach and vision to do it in a consistent, forward-looking manner.

At System in Motion, we help our clients to calculate the business value their digital transformation projects will bring while ensuring the implementation respects their Information System architecture and security constraints.

We are Here to Help

At System in Motion, we are committed to building long-term solutions and solid foundations for your Information System. We can help you optimize your Information System, generating value for your business. Contact us for any inquiry.

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