WeChat Work - Staff as a Service

WeChat Work - Staff as a Service

WeChat Work - Staff as a Service

WeChat Work is an Enterprise messaging application developed by Tencent based on its successful older brother WeChat. It provides companies a way to organize and control internal instant messaging. It also promises employees to create a boundary between work and personal communication.

A Company Toolbox

Following similar WeChat principles, WeChat Work is much more than an instant messaging application.

It is full of smart and convenient features for both the employees and their company. Few SMEs in China have internal tools to automate or digitalize processes such as leave requests or expense management, and many started using WeChat Work as their first digital office automation tool.

On top of that, WeChat Work provides companies a rich ecosystem with capabilities similar to those around a WeChat Official Account. By leveraging APIs, and integrated authentication that are part of the developer ecosystem, companies can easily build custom internal tools using H5 or MiniProgram for employees and make them available to employees directly in WeChat Work.

For example, during the COVID-19 period, many companies were able to quickly build and deploy staff tracking tools within WeChat Work.

The Bridge

WeChat Work has more to offer than its messaging capabilities and its dev ecosystem. A powerful feature is to allow employees to add users from normal WeChat to their contact list and exchange with them. It opens the door to extremely effective customer service, leveraging an existing consumer habit, and the large user base of WeChat.

Social media accounts, Websites, MiniProgram, Mini-sites, APPs, all have the same drawback: they only provide unidirectional communication between the company and the customer. At best, some of those channels have an integrated messaging feature routing users to a random customer service person, which often feels ephemeral and impersonal.

WeChat Work offers companies a direct one-to-one discussion between consumers and a company employee. It happens in one the most prime location possible: their WeChat contact list! Can you see how powerful this is?

Staff as a Service

Staff is a service, a certified service.

said Zhang Xiaolong, WeChat CEO.

Some companies try to use clunky Artificial Intelligence algorithms and chatbots resulting in frustrating and dehumanized services. With WeChat Work, companies can leverage their most valuable asset to engage with customers: a company employee. Companies can implement a strategy of delivering premium personal services to its customers through WeChat Work.

There are multiple use cases for such a powerful tool than often depend on the company industry, its typical customer journey, and the most valuable services. Retailers have seen traffic dropping even before the COVID-19 crisis and have seen increasing pressure in dealing with decreasing direct contact with customers and managing idle headcount. With WeChat Work, retailers could allocate some of that idle time to provide a digital one-to-one touchpoint to its customers to drive sales and engagement.

The contact between a customer and an employee can be created physically using QR codes and digitally, through WeChat ecosystem with Official Account and MiniProgram integrations. Other key features are the automatic reassignment of contacts to another user when an employee leaves and the company’s ability to push shareable content to employees that appears right within the app.

And the beauty of it is that it can be kicked off fairly easily, at a fraction of the cost of any other IT or digital project.

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