Inalca Food & Beverage - Fapiao Process Automation


Inalca Food & Beverage - Fapiao Process Automation

Service Highlights

Created a middleware platform to seamlessly integrate WeCom with the Tax Bureau. This innovative solution revolutionized the Fapiao issuing process, significantly reducing the manual workload and enhancing operational efficiency.

General Information

Most of Inalca FB’s customers’ payment terms are 1 month after invoicing. At the beginning of every month, the entire finance team is very busy working on sending the Customer Sales Statement, communicating with clients, adjusting systems, issuing FaPiao, and following up with payment reminders. They hardly have time to work on other tasks in the first half of every month.

Client’s Challenges

Resource Overload

The beginning of every month was particularly stressful for the finance team as they managed multiple tasks such as sending customer sales statements, communicating with clients, adjusting systems, issuing FaPiao, and sending payment reminders. This high workload likely reduced their efficiency and the quality of their work.

Delayed Payments

The payment term of one month after invoicing could potentially lead to cash flow issues. Chasing late payments is a time-consuming task and could further strain the already overloaded finance team.

Manual Processes

The reliance on manual processes for tasks such as FaPiao issuing and payment reminders is not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. This could lead to inaccuracies in financial reporting and potential misunderstandings with clients.

Communication Bottlenecks

Handling client communications manually, particularly around sensitive topics like payments, can be challenging and time-consuming. It could lead to delays and misunderstandings, affecting client relationships and the company’s reputation.


Middleware Platform

  • Integrated with Microsoft Navision ERP.
  • Integrated with the Tax Bureau.
  • Integrated with WeCom.

Automated FaPiao Issuing

  • Automatic data extraction by the system reduces a lot of manual workloads.
  • Maintaining the mandatory master data for FaPiao issuing (Product, customer, Tax Category) in the middleware reduces a lot of duplicate workloads. Previously, users needed to maintain this information in an Excel file for each FaPiao.

Automated Sales Statements

  • Sending monthly sales statements to customers through WeCom.
  • This not only minimized the risk of human errors but also ensured regular and punctual communication, fostering a more transparent and reliable relationship with clients.

Automated Payment Reminders

  • This improved cash flow management.
  • Reduced the need for manual follow-ups.
  • Saved valuable time and resources.

Overall, these solutions led to substantial cost reductions and considerable improvements in work efficiency, allowing the finance team to focus on other important tasks. It demonstrated a successful digital transformation that leverages technology to better serve customers and streamline operations.


This transformative project has not only revolutionized our operations but also significantly enhanced our service to clients. The automation of our Fapiao process has undeniably reduced our manual workload, improved efficiency, and fostered stronger relationships with our clients. We are truly embracing the digital age and look forward to leveraging more innovative solutions to further improve our business.

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