Lesaffre - Integrated OMS


Lesaffre - Integrated OMS

A French Yeast Manufacturer

Lesaffre is among the world’s leading producer and distributor of yeast for bread and other bakery products. However the company does not lead in the Chinese market and faces hard competition in a very fragmented market.

Client’s Challenges.

A need for better communication tools down

  • Promotion
  • Production
  • Information
  • Marketing

A need for better communication tools down

  • Capture market data
  • Information
  • Indirect sales
  • Feedback
  • Retail prices

A need for a better follow-up on

  • training
  • Sales/ pre-sales/ after sales operations
  • activities

A need for a safer and better control

  • Lesaffre needed a solution to manage its order entry and processing.

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