Moov - Information System assessment : Transition into a Digitally Driven Logistics Company


Moov - Information System assessment : Transition into a Digitally Driven Logistics Company

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, companies are striving to stay ahead of the curve. Moov, a pioneer in the logistics and supply chain sector, recognizes this necessity and has embarked on a significant digital transformation journey since 2018. As a part of this transition, Moov recently collaborated with us for a comprehensive IT assessment to build a solid IT foundation that aligns with their strategic objectives and future business needs.

Moov’s Successful Digital Transformation

Moov’s digital transformation journey focused on developing an integrated and digitalized logistics service platform. The aim was to transcend from a 4PL to a 5PL freight forwarding service provider, thereby ensuring their competitive edge in the industry. The implementation of this project demanded a meticulous design, development, and iterative enhancement process tailored to address both immediate and long-term business needs.

Comprehensive IT Assessment: The Path to a Resilient IT Environment

Understanding the importance of a robust IT infrastructure, Moov sought our expertise to conduct a thorough IT assessment. The primary focus was on key areas like hardware and software systems, network infrastructure, data management, IT security, and user support services. The assessment also considered the alignment of IT services with Moov’s business objectives and goals.

Tackling Challenges and Achieving Outcomes

The assessment project presented a couple of challenging objectives, including creating Information System Independence and strengthening the Information System Foundation. Moov aimed to achieve a complete documentation of the current Control Tower IT Setup.

The project resulted in a comprehensive evaluation of Moov’s current IT environment, highlighting key success areas, potential risks, and areas for improvement. The report also outlined a roadmap to strengthen IT infrastructure effectively to support Moov’s future business needs. The recommendations aimed at enhancing IT performance, improving user satisfaction, and supporting the company’s strategic objectives.

Our Methodology

The assessment project was a multi-phase process, involving workshops, interviews, surveys, and technical analysis. The major phases included a kickoff, stakeholder interviews, documentation of processes, and a final assessment result presentation.


The project resulted in a variety of deliverables, including an Information System Assessment Report, Business Strategy, IT Roadmap, Organizational Chart, Initial Requirements Document, Business SOP, Customer Profiles, Customer Journeys, Brand Book, Data Model Design Specs, API Document for the main project, DB Mapping for each platform, and many more.

Beyond the Technology

Our deliverables went above and beyond the assessment of the technology, the information system, and the requirements. A key intangible element of the delivery was to help Moov change perspective on their project. From a bottom-up approach, based on individual features and needs, Moov opened up to a more strategic view of the project. This was achieved in three major areas:

  • Deep connection of the business goals and the IT objectives, to create a long-term joint roadmap,
  • Creation of a cross-department, multi-skill organization,
  • Renaming the project from a descriptive “Control Tower”, to a forward-looking, more business-oriented “Smart Moov”.

As the product manager Nina Retief puts it:

The SIM team provided invaluable insights and introduced us to new considerations and approaches that have positively influenced our organization’s perspective on IT projects and future direction. Their sessions helped us understand how to better structure our IT endeavors, opening up exciting growth opportunities and guiding us towards more innovative strategies.


Moov’s digital transformation journey is a testament to their commitment to innovation and progression. Their focus on building a robust IT infrastructure will undoubtedly help them streamline operations, reduce dependencies, and facilitate future expansion. By leveraging our expertise in IT assessment, Moov is well-positioned to maintain its competitiveness and operational efficiency in the logistics and supply chain sector.

We are Here to Help

At System in Motion, we are committed to building long-term solutions and solid foundations for your Information System. We can help you optimize your Information System, generating value for your business. Contact us for any inquiry.

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