Remy Cointreau - Traceability to Control Distribution


Remy Cointreau - Traceability to Control Distribution

Service Highlights:

Created unique codes to facilitate easy traceability. ID authentication software was used to build consumer trust. Implemented a tracking and analysing system to visualize product movement. Increasing the brands’ reach on WeChat.

General Information

A Leading Brand In International Wine And Spirits

Remy Cointreau is one of China’s leading brands that produces distilled beverages Rémy Cointreau is a French alcoholic beverage company that produces cognac, liqueurs and spirits. They have facilitated market entry and continuous growth in Chinese imports of high-end alcohol.

Difficulties In The Chinese Market

As we all know, the fake alcohol industry has steadily expanded in China. After entering the Chinese market, Remy Cointreau almost failed to survive it. Due to its high reputation and complex distribution network, Remy Cointreau found it hard to identify the fake liquor market and to control the infiltration of fake wines. Therefore, the brand image was inevitably affected.of the watch.

Client’s Challenges

Grey Market Activites

Trade partners often sell productions below the retail selling price leading to GMA(Grey Market Activites) resulting in losses for Remy Cointreau.

Fear of Conterfeit

Consumer distrust & fear of conterfeit remains very high. This implies a loss of sales.

No loyalty program

Customers weren’t linked to the brand, there wasn’t any incentives or retributions that could secure the loyalty of the customer.

No Supply Chain Analysis

There wasn’t any visualization of the entire supply chain, neither a control of manufactured quantities.

Solution I

A unique id ensures traceability & safety

  • Reveal Grey Market Activity
  • Increased margin by up to 2-3%

A unique id reassures consumers on authenticity of products

  • Reassure customer
  • Enable more sales
  • Can recover up to 2% of lost sales

Engage with consumers

  • Interact with consumers
  • Drive sales in profitable channels
  • Engage through WeChat

Engage with consumers

  • Interact with consumers
  • Drive sales in profitable channels
  • Engage through WeChat

Solution II

Control Wholesalers and Retailers

  • Wholesalers & Retailers scan the product at any time of its life cycle.
  • The whole supply chain is tracked.
  • It ensures a price stability.
  • It ensures a sustainable brand value across market.

Ensure traceability & safety

  • Ensure full traceability of product’s production batches by tracking products. Remy Cointreau detects the cheating trade partners.

Reassure on authenticity

  • Consumers scan the product’s unique id with their phone through WeChat.
  • Consumers are reassured on the genuity of products.

Engage with consumers

  • The consumer automatically takes part in a lucky draw and wins loyalty points or a reward.
  • Consumers are encourage to consume again.
  • Interact with consumers and drive sales & profitability in most profitable channels.

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