Béaba is integrating systems and people

Béaba is integrating systems and people

Béaba is integrating systems and people

Béaba is a creator of innovative baby products developed to make new parents’ lives easier and fun. Béaba launched its branch in China in 2020, across the most popular e-commerce platforms and offline premium retailers. They did it in partnership with its historical distributor operating since 2013.

Moving forward in China

Béaba’s headquarters in France realized at the very beginning of the project the necessity of a very pragmatic approach when extending a global Information System into China. They decided to rely on Kingdee Cloud solution, a market leader, to support their Chinese operations. They also needed, from the beginning, their master database of products aligned with their M3 system in France, for consistency and reliability of reporting. Babycook Néo from Béaba

A sturdy bridge between France and China

To realize this integration in a modern and agile way, they relied on System In Motion’s expertise to create a Middleware able to bridge the French and Chinese solutions. We designed a lightweight platform able to convert the data as required by both M3 and Kingdee and adapted to the standard connectors of each platform. Bridging the gaps

Orchestrating the project

Furthermore, M. Cédric Verron asked System in Motion’s Project Manager to

play the role of the conductor in the setting up of the Kingdee and OMS Project. The distance and the lack of knowledge of the Chinese systems will prevent us from doing it efficiently.

We assisted Béaba in their Kingdee scope definition process and in the review of their service contract to ensure the best alignment between all teams and successful delivery.

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, this proves to be the right choice, as travel restrictions prevent face-to-face discussions before the project Go-Live. Orchestrating integrations

It’s all about the people

Successful integrations are a crucial component of building a modern Information System. It is not only about connecting software, but also about the people using it. Supporting a cross-border Information System project is about integrating all points of view, ensure that all team members understand each other, and agree on the project outcome. We are proud to be assisting Béaba in getting a global vision on their business.

The project started a few months before the COVID-19 crisis but did not slow down despite the unusual situation. Béaba’s and System in Motion’s have been working from home. Based on the trust established early during the project, it was possible to continue working together without interruption.

To deliver your projects in a trusting and collaborative mindset, through thick and thin, contact us!

We are Here to Help

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