Privacy Policy - How we use the data we collect

Privacy Policy - How we use the data we collect

How We Collect and Use Information

Information you provide us

We collect information about the usage of our website by every user, using tracking technology. We may correlate tracking with other information we acquire through different channels. When users access the website from a third party, a customize link, a search engine, a QR Code, we will be tracking the traffic source. Every information you provide on our website, via forms, surveys, such as name, email address, and phone number, is kept in a secure database we manage directly.

How we manage the information

All the information collected on user behavior is handled with care using an appropriate level of security. We use all collected information to better understand our visitors’ needs as well as the performance and relevance of our website towards these needs. Under any circumstance, we will not share the information collect, for or without payment, to another company, entity, or person.

Communication and marketing

We may use the information collected to communicate with the users of our website, about the website itself, our commercial activities, events, marketing operations, inquiries, interviews, or any other purpose that we estimate to be of value to the website’s users.

Your choice about Your information

You can control the way we track your behavior on our website.

Currently your activities are not tracked. If you want us to provide a more tailored experience you can use the ALLOW button.

If you want us to delete all the information we collected about you in the past, please address an email at privacy (at), specifying the identifiers you provided when navigating our website. We will then do our best to remove all your data from our storage, best on the identification provided.

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