Why We Gave Away Six Laptops?


Why We Gave Away Six Laptops?

We are very happy to collaborate with project guangyuan on the donation of six laptops. We believe that technology should be of use to the greatest number.

Why we gave away six laptops?

We gave away these laptops because we want to help the community we belong too. We understand the digital gap that can separate knowledge workers in city and poor kids in rural area. When we heard of project guangyuan (光援计划) we immediately saw the opportunity to contribute.

Why did we have six laptops in a cupboard?

The truth is that we all have hardware collecting dust in our cupboards. We live in a world where we buy a new laptop, tablet, or phone, while the other ones are still in good condition. We decide to upgrade our laptops last year, while the older one where still in good condition. We could offer it and make our employees more confortable, but others are not as fortunate.

Why did we not dispose of the laptops before?

It is not easy to dispose of electronics with 100% guarantee that it will be properly handle. Electronic waste is expensive to properly handle. It was not a priority for us. As we have space on shelves, we tend to postpone the decision, and the laptops collected dust.

What’s next?

We will do our best to influence our clients, partners and friends into the same path. Our CEO’s post on LinkedIn already inspire some of our clients to donate hardware. We hope more and more will come to help, dispose in a safe and useful way of perfectly good hardware that can help change somebody’s life for the better.

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